Saturday, 28 June 2014


Today the HD3QBEM became the proud owner of a new vehicle.   Do you like it?  She does :-)
Fortunately for her, our apartment is built with wide doorways and passage ways so she can drive with ease which is a good thing considering she has never had a drivers licence!
And progress for me too.... I completed these small Christmas ornaments.
The JOY ambigrams turned out much smaller than I expected but were fun to do and used up odds and ends from stash.
HOPE was also stitched completely from stash.   The plain red silk backing doesn't exactly match the wine red ribbon but this will only be on a Christmas Tree for a short period so I can live with the colour variance.
O Come Emmanuel was also stitched from fabric and floss in the stash cupboard.   The rectangle at the bottom was supposed to have three initials but I never use my middle name if I can possibly avoid it so changed that to the two you can see.  The white tassel came with a gift at some stage and seemed to suit this ornament.   I like this one and it will go on my tree.   The others all go to different home.
Ornament construction over and I now move on to Needlebook and Cottage.   Another update tomorrow.


  1. Aww she is so sweet
    Lovely ornaments my dear x

  2. Your mom's new vehicle looks very handy. Nice ornaments, and I can't wait to see your next post!

  3. I do like your mum's choice of "wheels" - I think she'll find it very useful. Lovely ornaments Margaret.

  4. Love the new wheels :) Beautiful ornaments. ;)

  5. Love the new wheels...looks like one determined lady lol! Love the ornies...gorgeous

  6. Pretty ornaments and I love the new wheels!

  7. The new wheels look good! The basket would be great for storing stitching supplies in.
    The hanging ornies look lovely, I save tassels and ribbons from all sorts of things to re-use.