Sunday, 15 June 2014

Field Days

Every year in June, the National Agricultural Field Days are held at a place called Mystery Creek.   I have wanted to visit for some time and so included this on my list of 60 Things To Do!   Despite the dire predictions of rain and acres of mud the day dawned frosty and cold but clear.
It was wonderful.   Gumboots and checked woolen shirts as far as the eye could see!  
But I didn't need to wear my gumboots and as the temperature warmed up shed my wind proof anorak as well.
Monster farm machines for sale intrigued Little Brother
but I was more interested in the tractor races.
And I was very grateful that Little Brother had not parked in the muddy field.   This poor vehicle would have had more difficulty getting home!
But it wasn't all large toys for big boys!   I enjoyed the Food Hall and found fudge for the HD3QBEM and plenty to look at for me.   There was a cooking demonstration with one of New Zealand's Masterchef judges who is generally deemed to be hot.
What do you think?   I was completely repelled by the fact that apart from technical cooking terms his vocabulary seemed to be restricted to swear words.
I wasn't too tired last night to stitch yet more Nun Stitches and hopefully tonight will complete those.   Aah -  the end is in sight and it is now time for Antiques Roadshow so progress photos will have to come later on.


  1. Sounds like a great day - happy stitching!

  2. Sound like a fun day..
    Big hugs x

  3. Field Days sounds like the state fair event in the US. I'm glad you were able to attend and complete one more thing on your list.
    I look forward to photos of your needle pages.