Sunday, 1 June 2014

And the Cottage has a front door and a window.

Tonight I managed to stitch the eyelets for the lace window curtains and it only took three attempts.   I have to say that the chart for this C A Wells Cottage Etui almost needs a doctorate to decipher it.   Eventually I used the HD3QBEM's hand magnifer (recommended by the Foundation of the Blind no less) and consulted the coloured photograph.   Better luck that way and the front porch is now finished.  
Hopefully tomorrow I will graph out and entwined M and S for the base and the cottage will be considered finished but not completed.
Why not you ask?   Well I want to use the remainder of the linen and have made a start on the Needlebook which, with its accessories, will be stitched in the spaces.   I am using odd floss from stash and attempting to blend with the fabric I have chosen for the lining.   Not a 100% success but neither is it an epic fail :-)   I like this -  the cover is a sampler of stitches.   So far, Palestrina knots, Rice Stitch, Montenegrin stitch, Smyrna Crosses, Satin Stitch and the promise of more to come.   Great fun to have the variety.   I didn't like the long and short stitch for the floss bobbins so changed that to satin stitch on top of cross stitch which gave a far better coverage.

Now I am off to bed.  


  1. The colours you're using in the needle book look good together, I like rich, warm colours.

  2. It's it's looking so pretty..
    Yup very pretty colors..
    Hugs x

  3. The cottage is looking great - and I recognize that needlebook!

  4. What beautiful colors - absolutely stunning.

  5. I love watching your progress on the cottage, can't wait to see it finished and made.
    I also like the satin stitched cotton reels! They are a sweet motif and always look nice.

  6. The cottage is looking good. Dislike when instructions are so small, I have to use magnifier to read--come on designers help us girls out--use a higher font

  7. You are making great progress on the cottage, I've not done this one but CA's dire charts and instructions always drive me up the wall. I always end up working mostly from the colour photocopy.