Thursday, 12 June 2014

Entwined initials???

When the artistic genes were being handed out I must have been absent for the day!   It seemed simple, in a logical kind of way, to graph out two letters of the alphabet, overlaid so that they would appear entwined.   That's just a simple mathematical exercise n'est-ce pas?  Well.... the end result is precisely the sum of the parts but is definitely on the 'dis' end of the satisfaction scale. 
However I am not undoing this.   I am declaring the stitching for the Cottage complete and I have moved on to the Needlebook.
Here I have hundreds of nun stitches ahead of me as I outline the needle pages.   Hundreds and hundreds of them.   I will not count, just doggedly stitch.   Being of the mind that a trimmed four sided stitch is not structurally stable, I opted for nun stitch as the page edges.   Each page has the name of the needle and a small floss bobbin.
And...when the stitching on the needlebook is finished I am going to have a marathon construction time.   The Cottage, the Needlebook and the Naxos Necessaire all need construction and I vowed, hand on heart, to the HD3QBEM that I wouldn't return to either The Mermaid's Chest or Ring O Roses until all three WIPS have been finally completed.   Five projects on the go (and that's not counting my EPP Hexagons) is just too much to cope with.
This Saturday I am going to the National Agricultural Field Days with Little Brother.  Unfortunately the weatherman is not cooperating and I think I will need my waterproof anorak and knee high gumboots.   Last weekend I had a dress rehearsal.   Do you like the look?
Given heavy rain for the past three days, I can guarantee that the boots at least will have changed to mud colour by Saturday evening!   But I will be gloriously tired, happy and able to cross two items off my 60 Things To Do list (new gumboots and Field Days).
Right.   I'm off to more nun stitches now.


  1. Such beautiful lovely...
    Enjoy your day
    Hugs d

  2. Love the fashion look hopefully most of the rain just might have passed by. weather man is even suggesting down here we might get a fine weekend
    happy Nun stitching

  3. I was standing beside you when the creativity skills were passed out--I have none. Your stitching is beautiful and the nun stitch is one of my favorite stitches

  4. You look ready for whatever rain or mud you encounter!Can't wait to see your beautiful finishes--and I think your initials are lovely.

  5. The stitching looks great, I don't envy you the finishing though. I think you look prepared for anything the weather can throw at you Margaret - enjoy.

  6. Both projects look great! You look set for anything that comes along in your wet weather outfit. We have also been having a few days of rain, with more in the forecast.

  7. It is hard when your initials don't lend themselves to entwining! It would be almost impossible to entwine a J and a P I think!
    I haven't heard of nun stitches before so that's something to google.

  8. What beautiful work - as always! I can hardly wait to see them "all done up". Enjoy your day