Saturday, 22 March 2014

It's Spring (somewhere)

Spring arrived at my house this week.   Look at these!  
My dear friend Kazumi kindly sent them from Japan and just in case these don't add enough calories to the diet and grams to the weight she sent these too.
I shall enjoy each delicious mouthful and hopefully not feel too guilty.
Today I took the HD3QBEM out shopping.   She got slippers and a new jumper for the winter and I bought a new pair of sneakers.  
On the way home we called at The Ribbon Rose for these.
I am going to build a new house -  well a cottage to be precise -  and in it will live pins and needles and scissors and.....   But as I can't buy Gloriana thread here in Auckland I had the clever idea to clip together all my DMC substitutes and find a variegated silk that would match.  Not bad?   So now when the next attack of Chronic Start-itis hits me I can begin on this project.
Today has been successful -  baking done (Coffee Drops, Chocolate Fudge Fingers), shopping done, walking done, a new recipe ready for dinner, and a visit to the LNS to spend my voucher.   Yeah!   Oh, and I finished off the bookmark!
All in all not too bad.   Now I'm off to watch TV.


  1. Yummy chocolates :)
    And beautiful sneakers..
    Love your sweet threads and the bookmark is so cute too..
    Enjoy your day x

  2. tasty looking sweets! I love your newest project I can't wait to watch your progress :)

  3. Great choccies!! Love that 3D little cottage, it will look great when finished :)

  4. Oh my goodness - CHOCOLATE! They look SOOOOOO good! Love the little cottage - and gorgeous bookmark.

  5. I love everything in this post!!

  6. Love the cottage: very are the chocolates!

  7. It's not spring yet here. Your bookmark turned out great! I love the little cottage. Who is the designer?

  8. Love the bookmark! I look forward to seeing the cottage come to life.

  9. What an adorable cottage! I have two that I really want to start now.
    The chocolates lok scrumptious too.

  10. Oh, my! Just love that cottage! Could it be Drawn Thread????

  11. Enjoy stitching CA' s Etui, I've done a few of her designs but not that one.

    The choc's look yummy