Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Counting to two...

I love numbers.   I work with them all day.  But I can't count to two or by two!

A simple bookmark all but defeated me.   Four sided stitch completed perfectly.   Scroll edges stitched all around.   Threads drawn and cut and..... disaster!  One or two  four sided stitches short on the length.   Oops.
A fresh start has not gone well.   I have re-stitched each scroll border twice!   But the cutting and drawing of threads has gone well and I have made a start on the Aztec stitch.   This time I did buttonhole stitch and not four sided as I feel that is more secure.   Fun and games all round but I do like the Aztec stitch and after all that was the purpose of the project.

The next medallion on Ring O Roses has a cute little rabbit so I would like to get a few crosses into this one tonight if I can.   And I plan on tacking up a few more hexagons for my patchwork which is not progressing fast.   I am embarrassed to show a progress photo of that project.
So I am off to count ... two, four, six , seven, eight.   Oops:-)


  1. Maybe the pattern was wrong. I had two extra four sided stitches on mine! I think that must have been why I put it away in 2005 without finishing. As it turned out, it didn't matter. If you look at the last photo of my finished bookmark, you can see a close up of the extra rows - not too noticeable. Your colors are very pretty - soft as spring.

    The Ring O Roses is coming along nicely. I look forward to seeing the hexagons!

  2. Your Aztec stitch looks beautiful. I hope that the counting issue is over with, I think that we all have problems like that now and then :)

  3. Don't you just HATE it when that happens?? There are days I can't count, either ;0)

  4. Oh dear it's very frustrating... But
    Sweet stitches ..
    Happy stitching x

  5. Oh no, how annoying. It's such a beautiful design too. I love the colours.

  6. Your stitching looks beautiful.

  7. It looks very pretty... But how annoying for you to have such a problem with the final bit. Glad you sorted it out the next time round :)

  8. In spite of your troubles with the hardanger piece, it is quite beautiful. I love the gradation of color & the Aztec stitch is lovely. Counting is a bugger sometimes-- I have this problem myself! :-/