Monday, 10 March 2014

A break for Life Administration

Occasionally I need a  break for what my niece describes as Life Administration.   You know: the chores like cooking, cleaning, washing, gardening, shopping, bill paying etc.  Usually the HD3QBEM does some of these but she hasn't been well at all and so to the above list I should add nursing.   Thankfully life has settled back to a regular rhythm and I have picked up my needle and silk floss to add many stitches to The Mermaid's Chest.
This chart is not the easiest to read and the instructions are somewhat sparse but on the whole I am pleased with this and think I can see how it will look when completed.   I am on the look out for dull grey or black D rings to sew on the sides and I am running out of one thread so that sounds like a good excuse for a trip to The Ribbon Rose.  (excuse the bad photo)

Although the "start a new piece" itchy feeling has returned I am determined to stick to my resolutions written down in the infamous To Do List.   Next weekend is Embroiderers Guild and I will pull out Ring O Roses and stitch on that for the week.   Rhythmic crosses and Quaker medallions may be just what I need and hopefully this piece of The Mermaid's Chest will be close to finished by then.

Interruptions to stitching rhythms, in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes on the BBC series, occur only on Saturday night TV at my house.  He is rapidly becoming my new favourite :-)   Sherlock may be a geek, incapable of expressing his feelings in any articulate manner and be a right know-it-all but is he really keen on Molly?   I hate it when my favourite programs come to the end of the series and there is nothing but a great blank and at present I am left with only Benedict and The Biggest Loser!!

Last week my regular life and eating rhythm was interrupted with a wonderful care package from my Japanese friend Sonoko.   These chocolates have cheered the HD3QBEM and tempted me.

Yesterday I met up with Kathy for bagels and coffee.  Kathy had heard that Unity Books were having their annual sale so off we went, Kathy armed with a list and me armed with great resolve.   Both of us exited two hours later - Kathy with only some of the books on her list and me with broken resolve and an enthralling John Boyne (Next of Kin) which kept me up until close on midnight last night.   Oh dear.

Tonight I am off to bed to sleep, perhaps to read a little but hopefully it will be lights out before midnight.


  1. Lovely progress on Mermaid's Chest. Have a great week!

  2. Lovely, lovely - and what a divine box of chocolates!!

  3. I hope your mum feels better soon, my mum is currently in hospital following a fall last weekend. Stitching can be just the thing for times like these:-)

  4. Hope your mother is feeling better. The Mermaid's Chest is interesting! What kind of treasure will it hold?

  5. Oh what an amazing project, the Mermaid's Chest! I love your Life Admin phrase...that says it all!!