Saturday, 6 July 2013

From Stash and To Stash!

Today I went shopping for a Christmas Tree.
No it doesn't actually look like a tree yet but it will!   And hopefully with beginning preparations early this will be complete in time to mail to its overseas destination for the beginning of December.
At the shop I found this...
First I saw the miracle word Belfast and then I could see beautiful hardanger and at this price...of course there is space in my stash cupboard!
My stash cupboard is really a treasure trove and 99% of the time has exactly what I want or need.   Today when tracing a design for my Sashiko page in the NMMSAL I retrieved a packet of Chaco Paper (the bright blue packet in the top left) purchased around 25 years ago in Japan!  I just knew it would be useful one day.
The design is now traced on to the Navy poplin and tonight while watching Amanda Redman on the TV I hope to complete the Sashiko and then attempt the concentric circles of quilting.   I need to get the Sashiko completed quickly before the chalky carbon line wears off.  
It has been fine here all day (an unusual occurrence for a weekend at this time of year) and I managed to get my garden weeded and tidied up and replanted the strawberries into fresh soil and fresh pots.   Perhaps with all the Tender Loving Care, in December we will have strawberries Chez Nous.


  1. I always look forward to your posts - such treasures! I love seeing your stitch alongs and hope to join in next year. I can hardly wait to see your sashiko page.

  2. Love the idea of your new project for your journal page

  3. I can't wait to see your Christmas Tree and your next journal page. Another new stitching technique for me. I will have to go look at some pics online. :)