Sunday, 21 July 2013

An almost finish...

Over half the year has gone.  Time has rushed by and I still have lots of items on my To-Do list!
This ornament has the stitching complete and just needs to be completed -  maybe this week. I am debating whether to play safe with a circular finish or try to be smart and create a star shaped ornament.   Time will dictate I think.
And a close up -  this one was stitched on 28 count cashel linen in my favourite DMC115   The original chart called for beads but it has been decided that this one shall remain beadless.
I have two others half stitched and want to get them all done this week -  I wonder whether there will be enough hours in each day?
The sashiko piece was completely satisfying and most inspiring.    I can see a repeat of this one but probably not until next year.   Perhaps a bag?   We shall see.  

I stitched the sashiko on navy homespun poplin with white Japanese sashiko thread and then very carefully with tailors chalk inscribed concentric circles which I quilted using red Gutermann sewing thread.   Quilting over sashiko is certainly not traditional but I was pleased with the result.   Navy, red and white is always a pleasing combination, as any Frenchman will tell you!
We have had a fine but chilly weekend which I have thoroughly enjoyed but there are still several items on my weekend chores list so I will love you and leave you.


  1. What an adorable ornament! It's a perfect Christmas scene. Your sashiko page turned out very nice. I'm impressed with your even stitches.

  2. Wow very sweet ornament..I love it.
    The sashiko page is so pretty too..beautiful stitches x

  3. There's never enough hours in the day Margaret. Your Sashiko work is very well done, so neat and even. The star is very effective.

  4. They are both lovely, the sashiko is very effective

  5. Love the sashiko. Very impressive stitching.

  6. Love the ornament and the Sashiko! Your stitching looks perfectly even.

  7. Lovely! The sashiko is really fabulous.