Saturday, 20 April 2013

Stitching and The Sarjeant

While on holiday I did stitch and feel quite satisfied to have completed several items that have been in progress.
The adventure in frugal use of linen has almost come to an end.   I have concentrated hard and managed to cut around three edges of A Confetti of Hardanger.   Surely there is a quicker method than one thread at a time - but I don't want to endanger the buttonhole edging either so clip clip clip it is.
On that piece of linen I also stitched a hardanger tassel which is now completed and hanging on a cabinet handle.  
Then there was the perfection of angels -  so named by me because seven is the perfect number!   I had a small disaster in cutting this one out of its linen prison and had to resort to a dab of Fray Check to prevent a total catastrophe.   However, as a book mark it works well and is already in use.
Also on the same linen I stitched a Tallesyning cylindrical hussif which is still in pieces and needs me to chose lining fabric before I can complete it.  More on that one later.
In a gift from over the seas I received a piece of Picture This Plus 28 count linen overdyed and named Da Vinci.   This linen has been made into the small notebook cover you see in this photo.
I stitched two Christmas ornaments.  One is complete
and the other needs something in the middle. 
It is supposed to have the year but I am thinking of putting 'Merry Christmas' instead and that will mean graphing out the words.   So at present it is in the incomplete pile.   I have been so very frugal with this linen that I will need to sew on a matching fabric and create a 'frame' if it is to be of any use.
While on holiday the HD3QBEM and I went to visit The Sarjeant Gallery as I had read there was to be an exhibition by an artist who I took to be a calligrapher.   Not so.   She is a graphic artist recently returned to live in Wanganui.  Commissioned by the gallery to create a comeback installation/work in the dome she came up with this
Based loosely on a Greek Flag waving in the breeze, the letters on each panel of the beautiful dome spelled out 'come back'.   It wasn't immediately obvious and created a momentary  "eh?" feeling in the viewer.
The Dome was beautiful -  both the fantastic Matai flooring and the majestic dome.
The gallery had been purpose built in neo classic style so the colonnades glowed with natural light.  
We had a great time here.   Just two items that took my fancy
What do you do with all the sea shells you collect on beach holidays?  This of course!
And how's this for a huge frame?   I was more taken by the frame than the painting.
Tonight I am stitching my Redwork Bag -  stitched in Waterlilies Dark Shadow which is a subtle blue green mix so this will turn out to be a Bluework Bag.


  1. Your hardanger creations are so lovely!


  2. Your stitching is beautiful! What lovely finishes!

  3. Beautiful stitching. Excellent hardanger pieces... I've done a couple of smaller pieces, and find the cutting daunting, LOL

  4. Gorgeous finishes! Your tassel is absolutely stunning! It took me a minute to realize that the seashells are a person lol. At first glance I thought they were made into a lizard.

  5. What a wonderful vacation! Visiting with your family and lots of stitching! You finished quite a lot. I know what you mean about the cutting the edges.

  6. All your stitching looks beautiful. I love your tassle. I really enjoy visiting museums and art galleries but unfortunately none of my family do, so I always end up going on my own.

  7. Your Hardanger is beautiful!!
    Happy Stitching