Sunday, 21 April 2013

Final Flourish

Today is the last day of holidays - back to normality tomorrow.   But I have one last finish to show.
The chart for this languished in my stash cupboard for years until I was spurred into action by Pamela.   I don't have the charms for this but think it is charming without and am mighty pleased with the result.   Instead of a ribbon closure I made twisted cord in Perle #5 and this works a treat.

And the last of the holiday photos are from a visit to a small village near where Little Brother lives.   This small village has the unfortunate name of Bulls - named after the original store owner James Bull.   Nowadays they market themselves with a plethora of puns on the town's name.   Previous signs of "New Zealand gets its milk from Bulls" have been replaced by this one.
The police station is named Consta-Bull, the dress shop is Fashiona-Bull etc etc.   The HD3QBEM and I had a bite to eat at a small café and I thought these were adora-bull!
And today while out this car fluttered its eyelashes at me and I just had to take a photo!
Have a good week.  I intend to.


  1. Your needlebook turned out so nice - I love the lining fabric you chose.
    I'm fond of puns and word plays, so I like your brother's village signs.

  2. Your finish is just perfect. We also have those eyelashes over here on Minis. Needless to say my Mini definitely doesn't sport these:-)

  3. I love your final finish and totally agree that it looks beautiful without the charms. I had to snicker when I read the bull puns. :)

  4. Wow such sweet finish ...
    Big hugs x

  5. Fabulous finish! And those puns are terribull.

  6. Gorgeous finish and love the photographs from Bull

  7. Your needlebook is lovely. Great job.

    And, ack, terribull puns. But it sounds like a fun place to visit.

  8. Such a lovely and elegant little needlebook!
    Love this car photo :))


  9. I love(!) the hardanger piece under the projects you photographed. It's just exquisite. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a lovely needlebook! The finishing is stunning. I love the Mini Cooper with the crazy eyelashes. How fun is that!?!

  11. You do beautiful work! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving me such kind words. And the mini cooper with the eyelashes is just precious!