Friday, 12 April 2013

I'm off

Tomorrow morning the HD3QBEM and I are off to see Little Brother and his family at their mini farm. 
We went there ages ago when we took Madame Muriel Flat Flossie on a road trip.   You can see that here.   This time she will not accompany us - I wonder where she is now?   Fallen off the edge of the world I expect.
Little Brother has five new calves.   They will eventually follow the way of the previous five and be roasted, braised, made into sausages etc etc.   No room for sentiment when living The Good Life on a mini farm.   Little Brother has two huge walnut trees and I have put in my order for some walnuts and for some 'perfect' shells. 
Anyway, off we go.  We will be away five days and  I have packed seven stitching projects and six books.   Well, the weather man forecasts rain!   Yep.   On my holiday he gives rain, after months of drought here in New Zealand.   So I have prepared for incarceration!   Two of my stitching projects are WIPs and hopefully there will be a happy dance mid way through my holiday.
My perfection of angels -  well, the hardanger angel bookmark -  is complete but I need good light, a  steady hand and 100% concentration to cut around the buttonhole edge. 
So the suitcase is packed, the camera batteries are charged, the car is clean and full of petrol and we are off.   I'll be back in a week's time.


  1. Enjoy your trip. Madame Muriel Flat Flossie's trip was a delight to read, I too wonder where she disappeared to. Looking forward to reading about your visit, drive safely.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  3. oh very beautiful blog !

    amitiés de FRANCE

  4. Have fun! Muriel is in Italy. You can keep track of her here.