Sunday, 16 September 2012

This weekend has been busy but I did manage two finishes.
First was to finish Part 3 of the HAL.   No time for ironing though so wrinkles and all....
Second was to finish this Audiobook.   I highly recommend it, as does the HDHBEM.
Too Reticule is almost done - hopefully I will completely finish that this week.  I need to as my next project must be started soon.   This project will involve needles without eyes and hopefully the infant will arrive no sooner than planned to give me time to knit a small jacket.
After that I am going to start a small project in my favourite Wessex Stitchery.   No fabric or colours decided yet but these two objects will be involved ... doesn't that sound mysterious.  
Yesterday was our Embroiderers Guild monthly meeting.   I went a little early to have a browse through the library and much to my surprise came across these books.   For some time I had been searching the internet and dithering over whether or not to buy secondhand copies.   Now I don't need to as I can use the Guild copies to practise this European technique.
I'm particularly interested in the combinations of stitches and will be trying this one
on my "guild project" which at the moment is merely tacking on linen so nothing to show.   Maybe next month there will be a photo.  At present all I can tell you is that the linen is a pale lavender Cashel Linen and a Waterlilies variegated silk called Slate (but which bears no resemblence in colour to any slate I have ever seen!)
Finally I have an announcement to make.   The HDHBEM has graduated and must now be known as the HD3QEM as half blind is no longer accurate and we have progressed to Half Deaf Three Quarter Blind and after the last birthday even more elderly!!   The inevitable advance of Macular Degeneration is the culprit and even squinting through strong spectacles + a strong magnifying glass is now insufficient on many occasions.   However the HD3QEM is still managing to knit.  We have banished dark colours and decided that plain stocking (stockinette??) is the only acceptable stitch.   So far so good.  We both remain cheerful and optimistic and thankful for OTT lites, Magnifying glasses, Audio Books and the remaining eyesight.  

And now Antiques Roadshow awaits me -  after the dishes!



  1. I truly admire your mum for still managing to knit - it shows great spirit. I enjoy seeing the mix of projects you work on and look forward to seeing your knitted baby gift. I think I'll give the book a go on Kindle.

  2. As always, your stitching is beautiful. Do you work in hand or use a hoop or frame?

  3. beutiful stitching!

    ive read from this arther the book ... only time will tell and got hooked! so far i havent read this one but i've added it to my list =)