Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Strawberry flowers for ever

Too Reticule has the cutest little strawberry flowers and they are made of five little bullion stitches each.   Three down and only thirteen to go! 
I am telling myself they are well worth the effort but they are not quite as enjoyable as the sampler of stitches that constitutes the back panel.
And there has been an "oh dear".   I decided to remove queen stitch strawberry off the front panel and instead put my initial and the date. 
While I am finishing the bullions I am worrying  about the construction.   This was supposed to be stitched on linen banding so I wonder if I can make it look as sharp and crisp.   I have read the instructions many times and will just have to be careful.
Officially the calendar says it is Spring here, and Little Brother has twin lambs on his mini-farm to prove it but The Weather is fighting back and today the deep southlooked like this
Southland gets a snowy coating

We don't want any of this white stuff.   Send the sun back again please!


  1. I hope the weather becomes more spring like soon. You certainly have patience when it comes to getting things stitched just right - mind you it's worth it in the end.

  2. Wow! Snow, you have! Something unusual, huh? Embroidery I love it!

  3. The little flowers are darling. I can hardly wait to see how this finishes.

    Seeing the snow photo makes me realize we are moving into fall and winter, as you move to warmer weather.

  4. I have a feeling that some of that white stuff will be in my not so distant future!

    Beautiful stitching! Anxious to see the finished project!

  5. your stitching is marvellous!
    Very excited to see progress, love the band of various stitches.

    We are heading for winter here so
    I am preparing for lots of stitching
    sessions in my cozy sofa.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful stitching
    Take care,

  6. Beautiful stitching. Love the close up picture of the specialty stitches.
    Wow, snow in Spring. Here it was nice weather the last 2 days, back to cold and rain right now.