Saturday, 22 September 2012


As I need to get cracking on the "needles without eyes" project, I made a determined effort to complete Too Reticule this week.  

There sure was an enormous amount of work for something so small but I am very pleased with this and delighted to have learned a new construction type.  

Already I have dreams of a Wessex Stitchery reticule???? or maybe one in Pulled Thread or Hardanger????  
But first the needles without eyes are calling and I must get this knitting project out of the way -  preferably before the baby is born and she is due next weekend!
Today the HD3QEM and I went to Hamilton to go shopping.   Both of us have favourite dress shops in that city (an hours drive south of here) and we generally make a visit twice a year to ensure we have respectable clothing to wear.   Well today the HD3QEM excelled herself and got 3 different outfits ( enthusiastically encouraged by me, I must say) and I got myself one outfit.  Now all we need is for the temperatures to rise a  little more and we will make the transition from merino to linen!
During the week we have been enjoying an audiobook and I highly recommend this one
 The version we listened to was recorded as a radio play for the BBC and the various actors made it come alive.   Excellent reading/listening and great for a laugh.
I'm off now for my usual Saturday evening TV marathon:  tonight is Masterchef Australia Finale, Antiques Roadshow, Midsomer Murders and the machine will record Hotel Inspector for a later date.
have a great evening everyone.


  1. Beautiful finish Margaret, you really are a needlewoman. Have a great weekend.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Margaret! You make such lovely finishes!

  3. Beautiful finish Margaret!

    Sounds like you both had a nice shopping trip too. A few new things always makes me feel good. :)

  4. I really love this - beautiful, beautiful!

  5. Sooo soo pretty!
    You have done a wonderful work!
    What a precious little treasure.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful stitching.
    Have a lovely day and take care,