Thursday, 23 August 2012

Today I felt like Little Miss Muffet!

As I left for work I saw this
And on my way to work is this model of a Delena cancerides aptly placed in Avondale the suburb home  to the beastie.
I hate spiders!
So tonight I am consoling myself with this!
Somehow I doubt that one over one on 35 count will prove to be a consolation.  But we shall see!


  1. I hope the stitching helped!!

  2. Over one on 35ct might not really have a calming effect. Once it's done it will, because over one stitching on fine count is stunningly beautiful.

  3. I also don't like spiders but where I live we get cockcroaches and I hate those worse - so I let the spiders in, nice way to live isn't it? :)

  4. I love your new piece, anything with red in it gets my vote. Oh how I hate spiders too. We tend to see a lot of them at this time of year, right through to September.

  5. I don't mind spiders and I always like to see a spider web - it's as delicate as over one on 35 count.