Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mid Week Catch Up

Today I had the afternoon off work to take the HDHBEM to the specialist. A highly successful afternoon I must say.
Firstly the HDHBEM was told by her specialist that while her lungs were clear (the good news) her sinus and throat were not, so we now have two more medications and a happy Mother - "it's only my nose dear, not my lungs!"
Secondly I completed Part 2 of the Hardanger SAL on The Stitch Specialists.  I joined this to learn more about my first love, Hardanger and am so pleased I did.   Already on Part 2 I have learnt that stitching double back stitch from the reverse side of the work produces a far more professional result.  This "hint" I shall use when I do Fisherton De La Mare or Ukranian Whitework that use this stitch a lot.  Once again the colour is not good but the stitching is clear.
Thirdly I made a start on Too Reticule -  and found an error in the instructions.   After two attempts at Section 1 of Part B I used the HDHBEM's giant magnifying glass to study the photo close up and saw that "travel over four linen threads" should have been "travel over two linen threads" and now I am away on the Rice Stitch Highway! 
This reticule has strawberries aplenty, much to my delight.  
Each of the small golden smryna crosses will have white bullion petals around it in the final step so creating (hopefully) a strawberry flower!  The large Queen Stitch strawberry has bullion leaves at the top - again in the final step - and I'm looking for a suitable M to put in the gap as my name is a lot more letters than that of the author and so will-not-fit!
Although charted for Linen Band, I am using 28 count Toasted Almond, sent to me by my lovely friend Shiela and Weeks Dye Works threads.   This project is total enjoyment.   Thank you Ann for the chart.
Fourthly, I pulled out linen and thread for my next Hussif project.   Don't you think this thread is lovely and it goes so well with the pale lavendar linen.   I will need to find a perle cotton to match and some lining material too and then it will be ready:set:go!
Fifthly, I spent time at the Gym working off stress, frustration and hopefully a few inches and calories.   And I am still home in time to watch Grand Designs on TV!!
Sadly I need to go back to work tomorrow and Friday but Saturday is the HDHBEM's birthday and we are going here for lunch.

And that's all that has been happening in my part of the world for this part of the week.


  1. Glad your mother is ok. Love your hardanger. What a neat trick for the double back stitch.

  2. Lovely stitching.
    Glad your Mom is happy and feeling better.

  3. Your stitching is beautiful. I'm quite inspired by your hardanger and have pulled out an unfinished piece of my own to work on.

  4. Again, your work is absolutely beautiful! I may even have to join the SAL.

  5. Lovely stitching, Thanks for sharing!
    Your hardanger is so crisp and neat, looking forward to see how it comes along.
    The Too Reticulate I have never seen stitched up before, so that is very inspiring to see all the pretty strawberrys.