Saturday, 11 August 2012


A very busy week = insufficient stitching time but I managed to finish all the crosses on Kelly's Growth Chart .   Her birthday is not until November so there is time to find a suitable backing fabric and to construct the hanging.   I don't think much of the zebra!
The other animals are really cute though.   But it is Au Revoir to this piece and it is rolled up and put away.
This is a welcome farewell.    Cross stitches and I will part company for a while as I renew acquaintance with specialty stitches and other forms of needlework.   The HDHBEM laughs at me and says this is always the way.   I can only cross stitch for so long before my fingers itch for hardanger, drawn thread or something other than a straight criss cross.
The Stitch Specialist Hardanger SAL has started and I have completed the foundation kloster blocks.   Confederate Grey Cashel Linen and matching DMC perle thread were from my stash as my intention with this SAL is to improve my technique rather than create a masterpiece (although that would be good too!)
While sorting through a folder of charts I came across a photocopy about Taellesyning which appears to be a cousin of Hedebo.   Although technically this should be white on white I opted for a scrap of the confederate grey cashel linen and a leftover ball of DMC perle and have made a start on the biscornu which was charted in the article.   Already I am loving the basket weave satin stitch.   Of course I really need another biscornu (not!) but the author has the suggestion of including some lavender in the stuffing and I may well do that then bury the biscornu deep in my linen cupboard.  Lavender scented linen and towels have a  moderate degree of appeal even if reminiscent of Grandma's day and age.
The prunus trees on our street are coming in to full blossom and our native Tui birds are having a great time.   In this tree I counted 30 birds gorging themselves on the nectar.   Of course they all fly away when I want a photograph! 
Ann kindly sent me the chart for Jackie Du Plessis "Too Reticule".   The intricate construction and the sweet strawberry design really appeal so that is to be kitted up next.  And while I have my threads and linen out I will kit up a small Christmas Ornament but as that is cross stitch it will have to wait until I have specialty stitch out of my blood!  So I'm off to enjoy my stash cupboard.   See you sson.


  1. Beautiful finish. It will make a fantastic birthday gift.
    Looking forward to see more of your hardanger piece. I love that style too :)

  2. Margaret! It's very, very nice!

  3. Congratulations on the finish! Kawaii desu.

    I know just what you mean about the cross stitch. I am working on a big cross stitch project and I want to finish and work on something else!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about cross stitch. I go through phases when I do nothing but cross stitch and then I itch for something different. Have you ever tried needlepoint with the varied mix of stitches? The photo with the prunus and bird is gorgeous, the pink is so intense.