Saturday, 18 August 2012

Green and Red Men !!

Can you imagine my surprise as I came out of the library to be confronted by these green and red men!  
They thanked me for using the pedestrian crossing, so I am assuming it was part of a safety campaign and that green was go and red was stop.   So subtle that I only got the " colour message" after much thought and reading the card they handed me. 
However they brightened my day considerably.
Today was Embroiderers Guild day and our speaker was the Resource Custodian of the national guild.   As if I don't have enough charts and books at home, I borrowed the folio instructions to make yet another hussif. 
There seems to be an infinite variety of hussif styles and this one has a cute little zipper pocket as well as a tiny thimble holder fob. 
 I'm looking forward to stitching this one and have until November when I need to return the folio of instructions.   Should be enough time to decide on linen and on what design I will stitch as I don't really like the cross stich design the author has chosen.
Currently I am stitching a Marker Mouse - the instructions for this came from issue 59 of  Inspirations Magazine .   Here is the page and also my mouse folded in half.   Hopefully tonight he/she will be stitched stuffed and finished.

Last night I finished the two hardanger coasters and I was really pleased with them until I saw a mistake in the close up shot of one of them.   Never mind -  I'm still a relative beginner at hardanger and practise will hopefully make perfect!

And what next?  
Well, I looked through my stash and selected the linen (Toasted Almond 32 count linen - a gift from Shiela), visited the LNS for the designated threads and will make a start on this project.   Ann kindly sent me the chart and although it is designed for linen band I think I will be able to work this on plain linen.   I'm looking forward to this one.   Jackie's instructions are always clear and easy to follow.
Tonight there are many programs on the TV that I enjoy so I will watch some and record others for later enjoyment.
The car is clean, the HDHBEM has been to the hairdresser, the baking is done, the ironing will be finished immediately I have posted this (!!) and there are no other chores left on the list so I can enjoy a relaxed evening.   Hope the same is true for you.


  1. Your hardanger work is amazing, I admire this kind of work greatly but would never have the courage to tackle it. You stitch some lovely designs, they are always so different to the run of the mill.

  2. Your hardanger pieces are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. The Huswife is very pretty I love that it has a little zip in it - the hardanger coasters look fancy indeed! as for chores mine are never done but I rest anyway, lol

  4. The coasters look beautiful to me!

  5. As usual, absolutely beautiful stitching.

  6. As usual, absolutely beautiful stitching.

  7. The mouse is so cute! Not something for the neko-chan to play with. Your coasters are lovely. Now I want to try making a pair.

  8. hmmm, red and green men. Not a job I'd want to do!
    Your hardanger mistake is obviously only visible to you, they look lovely to me!
    Did you see on my blog that I stitched the Blackbird designs you sent me with Madame Muriel? It was really fun to stitch and I've now gifted it on to another blogging friend. Thank You for having such good taste!

  9. It's so satisfying to finish a piece, it looks really good. Not one for the cats to play with as one of your previous commenters said:-)

  10. I really love your Hardanger coaster they are so pretty. Hope you are haveing a great weekend.
    Happy Stitching

  11. They are gorgeous.WOW the patience. Tried hardanger a long time ago and still at cross stitch not hardanger needed a better teacher.