Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weekend Catch up

This weekend has been delightfully satisfying. 
I woke early on Saturday so got up to do my weekly baking -  a spicy fruit loaf for the HDHBEM's lunches and some ginger crunch for her morning and afternoon teatime snacks.
Then we went on a road trip to Hamilton (one and a half hour drive south) to visit the HDHBEM's favourite dress shop.   Her haul was a jacket, a pair of trousers and a sweater.   Winter weight clothing so it's too warm for the necessary photo.   I promise one later.
After a picnic lunch of sushi at the lovely park beside the might Waikato River, we drove on the Hamilton's only large shopping mall and I succumbed to temptation in a dress shop there.   Two funky tops to wear to work and again I promise a photo later when I can find someone to oblige.  The HDHBEM says her hands are too shaky to take photos now!
Last night I completed the tassell on my bookmark.   I love this and will make another and they will depart on journeys to fellow book enthusiasts in time for Christmas.   Meanwhile I will enjoy looking at them.   Who knows I may make two more and keep one myself.
And then a new start for me... well this too will probably be a gift for an unsuspecting "friend".   Do you remember back in February, Shiela sent me a package containing lots of wonderful lengths of linen fabric?
I put a picture here.  Last night I started this,
 with the pretty pink 32 count linen that Shiela sent.  This hussif design is from Gay Eaton's Wessex Stitchery book pictured at right and here in New Zealand is known as a Mary Stewart Hussif.   An oblong shaped drawstring bag with a tiny needlebook in the base, this is a design I have always wanted to stitch and Shiela's linen has been 'scratching that itch' since February. 
Somehow the pink linen didn't seem to suit Wessex Stitchery so from my stash I 'stole' a border from the Strawberry Season Sampler.   However in the true spirit of Wessex Stitchery I will put a quotation on the reverse.   That seems a happy compromise -  linen somehow seems to call strawberry to me not daisies or poppies.
My TV last night was Midsomer Murders - such fun to see Barnaby and Scott arrive at the solution after there have been three or four murders.   It's a wonder there is anybody left alive in Midsomer!   Next week a series of Miss Marple begins and I expect to fall in live with Agatha Christie all over again.   Whodunnits are great stitching companions.
And the final achievement for the weekend was starting another book.   The Winds of Heaven by Monica Dickens.  Somehow I fear this may not be to the taste of a lot of folks but for me it brings back happy memories of reading The Shell Seekers (Rosamund Pilcher) some years ago.   Poor Louise is suddenly widowed and equally suddenly, finds that her husband Dudley has, through foolish speculations, left her impoverished.  She is condemned therefore, to shuffling between her three, more or less unwilling, daughters on perpetually uneasy visits.   Published first in 1955 ( and recently reissued by Persephone), The Winds of Heaven is perhaps slightly more sentimental than we would expect from a more modern book but Monica Dickens has an endearingly astute way of describing family relationships.   I haven't yet finished reading this but have already enthusiastically recommended it to several people.   Your local library will probably have a copy - do read it and enjoy it too.
Hoping that you have all had an equally enjoyable weekend.


  1. I've got that book too but so far I've not stitched any of the designs. I love the way you've finished the bookmark. I can't remember if you stitched the same design for the back or did you use backing fabric?

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  3. Love your finish on the book mark. I too would love to know how you finished the back. So happy to see you are putting the linen cuts to good use. I can't wait to see that one finished. Your are correct. Pink does scream Strawberries.

  4. Lovely bookmark with a tassel, and good luck with new process!