Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Good afternoon,
How do you measure time?   Is it by the stitches crossed?  This morning while the HDHBEM had a skin cancer removed from her neck, I stitched this.   Others in the surgeons waiting room seemed distinctly amused but I was pleased with progress.  As usual this is my favourite DMC 115 and the linen is a scrap of 36 count cream Edinburgh linen.
The HDHBEM is resting up comfortably and soon I will make a tasty chicken dinner for her.   Then I can do the final two rows on this Christmas mitten and call it complete!

Les Petites Japonaises Etui is over one third done.   I have finished the biscornu and tonight hope to stitch together the pieces of the scissor keep.   Maybe by the weekend I will get the pinkeep done too.  I would certainly not recommend this chart -  the photo looks cute but the instructions and chart are poor and very difficult to follow so I am not at all satisfied with the result -  especially with the scissor keep.   Hopefully the photograph can be at favourable angle!

 Yesterday the Mazda car company sent me a magazine in which I found this article.   Can you imagine an organza so fine that one square metre weighs only 5 grams?   Amazing isn't it.   Probably not much use for embroidery but still amazing.
This afternoon I had a chest xray and then I made a quick stop at the dress shop to get some new jeans.   Over the last four months I have dropped three dress sizes so it was time for some new clothing.  The Chinese tailor in the local mall has altered my work clothes once and then twice so I decided that was uneconomic and this time bought new.   Hopefully the weight loss will stop soon as this is getting expensive!
Have a good evening everyone.


  1. Hope your mum is feeling okay today after her minor op. I'm never brave enough to stitch in public, absolutely no one does it over here. Take care.

  2. There is nothing better to spend some time stitching (even in a waiting room)!
    The mitten looks great, and I'm glad to hear your mum is feeling good!


  3. Cute stitch. I find that stitching at these times seems to make the time pass faster and with less worry. Hoping your weight loss slows down a bit. CJ in OK ;-)

  4. Lovely mitten stitching. 115 is my favourite too! I might have to include a skein in Madame Muriel's travelling bag, she's busy deciding which of the many invites to accept right now.
    I used to stitch alot on my train commute and when my little bro was in hospital. There's nothing else to do and it's very calming.

  5. Hope you and your mom are doing ok! The weight loss is a little disconcerting. Love the mitten stitching. I don't stitch too much in public. I get odd enough looks at stitch group being one of the youngest ones!