Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy dance at my house today!

Last night I sat and stitched and glued (and watched Doc Martin) and completed two projects.   So it is the Happy Dance today at my place.
First up the Japanese Etui - a biscornu, a scissor keeper and a pinkeep.  All cute but on my "never-to-be-repeated" list as the instructions and chart are terrible.   I do like the little pins for the pinkeep though.  The little Japanese ladies dancing along the edge of the fan are really cute.

The bead slides up and the head rises to free the scissors from the body of the scissor keep.   Not immensely practical but they are to live in my curio cupboard so practicality isn't essential.

The front
And the back...

And the pinkeep...

See what I mean about the chart  -  don't you think that if you had designed it you'd have made it fit the fan shape better???   I'm not happy but I'm not repeating either.

Next up is the Stitching Toblerone -  I found this one on the internet a long time ago and it was to be my project for stitching at Embroiderers Guild meetings this year.   But it is already finished and has been on a visit to the Guild "new work" table so now I need to choose another project.  Tonight I will go through the box into which I put all my "want to do in 2012" pieces and choose the next project.
This toblerone was a fun stitch and easy to construct.   Despite the instructions being in French, the photographs were excellent and I am really pleased with the finished result.  
Inside I used fabric from my stash and was pleased it coordinated so well.  I stitched with my favourite DMC 115 and even found some red handled scissors to match.   The cord to hold the scissors is fastened with a small press stud and the button holding the flannel piece is a red bobbin shape.   Wasn't that a grand coincidence!

The front had the word Amitie and I changed that for what you see here.   I made a finger knotted cord for the ties and pilfered the gold end beads from a small bag in my drawer.

You can see why this was called a Stitchers Toblerone!   The back has lots of hearts - I think because originally this was a SAL with the theme of friendship.

Well that's all my report for today.   Hope you are having a great day and that your weekend weather is better than mine.


  1. i love your little projects. so cute!

  2. I am so impressed by your stitching and finishing Margaret. I love to stitch but very much dislike finishing as I invariably make a "pig's ear" of my work.

  3. happy dance well deserved.
    Love the Toberone idea. you made an excellent job with the finishing.

  4. Such beautiful finishes, Margaret!
    I love your Japanese set, and the toblerone is so cute!
    Great work!


  5. Lovely projects Margaret:)
    The pinkeep is lovely too.
    Happy weekend!

  6. I love this oriental influenced group of accessories, very cute and nice finishes despite the instruction problems. Your toberone design came out great too. CJ in OK ;-)

  7. Wow, you are amazingly skilled and productive! Projects to be proud of.

  8. Your Toblerone is amazing and the Japanese set is very cute, especially the pins. The fan would have annoyed me too!
    Madame Muriel is on her travels again, she's off to the USA again. I hope my package and gifts are appreciated by the new hostess as much as your's were by me!

  9. These are so beautiful!! Your finish work is perfect!

    I also wanted to let you know I awarded you for the Liebster blog award, all the details are posted on my blog.

  10. Congrats Margaret on a spectacular finish!! Such lovely little treasures you made!!!

  11. Beautiful stitching and finishing. The japanese set is delightful.

    I see what you mean about the fan; however, it is really lovely.

    Stitch Well