Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I am a lists girl!

Currently I am on two weeks holiday - the annual Christmas New Year Closedown here in New Zealand and at the start of the break,  I made lists.   A shopping list for Christmas and New Year groceries; a menu for Christmas and New Year meals; a "spring cleaning" list for all the cleaning that didn't get done at the start of Spring and a list of what stitching projects I needed to finish before the end of this year.

Shopping list is done - a big tick here

Menu list is done - another big tick here

Spring Cleaning is three quarters done but there are still 4 days till the end of the year!

Stitching projects are complete -  a very big tick here!

And what's more I have had time for some holiday too - yesterday the HDHBEM and I went south to Hobbiton.   Very close to the small rural town of Matamata is where Sir Peter Jackson is filming most of Hobbiton and the town is justifiably proud of its fame!

On the way back we drove through an even smaller rural town (possibly only a village?) where they had the main street decorated with hanging baskets and these flower pot sculptures.   Top marks to the businessmens association for this bright idea.

We saw this "wagon" outside the Wagon Wheels diner -  those old Morris cars were sure made to last weren't they!

Today we went to see this
Meryl Streep was brilliant I thought -  although I can't honestly say I'm truly a fan of Baroness Thatcher herself.   She must have been extremely difficult to get along with.   As we were getting back into the car after the movie a bee landed on my left hand and stung me!   Nasty beastie.  I flicked him off and extracted the sting.   All my life I have been told how like my father I am but obviously that is not true.   He was wildly allergic to bee stings and obviously I am not although my hand is rather red and a little painful but not enough to stop me making the effort to finish my stitiching tonight.

I have finished the needlebook

and it needs a good press but on the whole I am pleased with it.

And the red ABCD hussif is constructed too but as I stitched over one thread of fabric this has come out half size and so will hold only the scissor pocket.   I need to find a suitable bead/button to form the closure but for the purposes of the lists will consider this a finish!

The left hand side is folded over to form a pocket which will easily fit a packet of needles so this could be quite a useful "mini-hussif".   Several years ago Little Sister gave me stork scissors which just fit the scissor pocket and their gold handles tone well.   I am well pleased with this item.

For Christmas I gave the HDHBEM a book and so she is absorbed in her own little world and it has been a silent evening in our house!  Knitting has been laid to one side and she will very soon need to be called back to reality and sent to bed.   Wish me luck as I go and call her back to the here and now.

Have a happy evening evrryone.


  1. Your finished needlebook is lovely, I can't remember the last time I finished an item. I'm trying to get back to some form of normality.

  2. Your needlebook and huswife are both so very gorgeous. Love it.
    Hope you had a fantastic Christmas.

  3. Lovely finishes! It's great to tick all the lists :)
    Happy New year to you and all your family!