Friday, 16 December 2011

At the request of Little Sister

My little sister always has a "decorate the Christmas Tree" party at the beginning of December.   She lives about 7 hours drive away from me so I never get to the party or see her tree.  But every year she asks if I have put my tree up and am I going to put photos on my blog????   I wasn't going to this year your request Little Sister here are some photos.
These mittens are one of my favourite ornaments on the tree.

Last year I made three hanging ornaments - here's two of them

And the third was this Nativity Scene.   "Christmas Joy" was done several years ago now.

Little Sis gave me the kit for this one a couple of years ago.   Do you remember it Sis?

Not all the ornaments are stitched - this Russian painted bell was a gift from the HDHBEM, purchased here in Auckland at a wonderful little gift store in the arcade.

Of course it is necessary to have a Santa ( a Prairie Schooler card from decades ago). 

And angels I have aplenty.   This one came all the way from Japan and is of stiffened crochet lace.

Clip on ornaments have come from Japan too -  a Santa Bear, joined this year by a gingham reindeer.

And finally a shot of the tree itself.

It looks a little sparsely decorated from this angle but believe me, there is an ornament on every branch!   I know I placed each one myself.
So, Little Sister, hereby endeth the report of the 2011 Christmas Tree.   Hope yours looks as beautiful as mine :-)


  1. what sweet ornies! Love your tree.


  2. Your tree looks fabulous!
    Happy Holidays

  3. I love the different ornaments you have stitched for your Christmas tree. I think mine could do with some different ornaments for next year. So I had better get started!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Mary Joan

  4. A real Christmas tree to my heart:))

  5. Such sweet ornaments! Your Christmas tree looks magnificent!