Saturday, 17 December 2011

All the way from Asahikawa

My postman and I are getting really well acquainted lately.   Boxes and packages are coming from all parts of the world and on Friday he brought me a real beauty from my friend Yuko in Asahikawa.  
We go back a long long way, Yuko and I (1988 we first met I think?) so she knows my tastes really well.
So let me show you what the package contained - by the way, nothing was wrapped in Christmas paper so I feel justified in opening them all!
A box of my favourite Kibana cookies (an Asahikawa specialty), some tiny decorated memo cards (which the HDHBEM has already purloined), a fancy tape dispenser, some cotton fabric, a sweet Santa stocking ornament, and ......

these spools.   Won't they be a great addition to my Sampler Casket when it gets finished.

And this cup of coffee -  well it's a pin cushion actually

And these gingham reindeer clips which are already on my Christmas Tree.
This was a real delight to open and I am sure going to enjoy all these goodies.

On the stitching front, I have finally finished the cover panels of my hussif.   Tonight I want to tack out the shapes for the needlebook, the scissor pocket, awl holder and scissor fob.   The decoration on each of those is up to me and my design skills are not good so this could result in some trial and error.   This final panel of the hussif was stitched around three times as I reverse stitched almost all of it at least once!  
Time to go and cook dinner now so I will sign off.   Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Wonderful presents Margaret, the little teacup is adorable and the wooden reals are just fabulous.
    Your huswif is lovely so far:)
    Happy Christmas and a fabulous 2012!

  2. Lovely gifts and your huswif is looking really good. The ornaments on your tree, below, look very neat indeed.

  3. Lovely gifts you received from Yuko! I love your tree from the previous posts, lots of gorgeous stitched ornaments.