Friday, 3 December 2010

An update on the Bargello Sewing Case

Good evening all.   Friday evening and I am exulting in having two days to myself!   Well apart from a long list of chores that is - but still I am glad to have the time to myself.

Progress has been slow on the second "page" of my sewing case but here's a shot of where I am up to.
You can see the panel left for the lettering and so my energies are expended on this next....

Yes, I have to chart my name and the date.   This chart was done in 1994 so basically I need to graph the whole line - Margaret S finished Dec. 2010   Perhaps my faith is too great but as the lettering is in petit point I won't be undoing it.

Well that's all for tonight folks.  Hope you have a great evening


  1. Gorgeous colours! I would be charting my name as well... Free hand isn't always my strong point when it comes to something like that.

  2. Thank you Margaret, again, for my Christmas Exchange. I have it still wrapped and under my little (fake) tree - should I open it? Use it now? Or wait?

    I didn't think to ask you but Caro was my partner and asked if she should open my parcel. As it was to use now, I said "yes".

    Norfolk Island looks enchanting, although I'm not sure all the former occupants thoughts so. Great photos.