Saturday, 18 December 2010

Better late than never!

Today I managed to find time to put up the tree and such as it is we are now officially in the Festive Spirit!

We now officially have the angels singing and Joy fills the house  - well at least it decorates the tree.
The panel behind these angels was stitched with love by the Half Deaf Half Blind Elderly Mother!

These three angels were gifts from Kazumi (on the left) and Mother (on the right) and the poor forgotten angel in the middle, well I can't remember where she came from.   The tall pink angel spins and plays delightful music while the other two have only unharmonious bell clangers.   Never mind -  in my house they sit silent!

And a selection of tree ornaments

Obviously I have a fetish for dating stitched ornaments - and these next ones were from JCS Christmas Ornament Issues.  The series must have come to an end in 2008 as I haven't stitched one since then.  2009 was the Gingerbread Ornament from Victoria's Sampler - in the shot above.
And the sampler on the wall was stitched originally to give away but once done I couldn't part with it.

This was from an old Antique Sampler Quarterly magazine (in the days when I subscribed) and was stitched in pure silks.  It was heaven to stitch and I still enjoy looking at it every day.

The Bargello Sewing case and the Sewing machine must meet tonight and the journey to completion will begin.

Good night all


  1. You have done a great job in decorating your Christmas tree! Well done, it looks beautiful. Such lovely decorations.

  2. Margaret! So beautifully decorated Christmas tree are you! Embroidery looks great!

  3. Your tree looks great! The Christmas panel your mother stitched is beautiful along with all of your stitched ornaments.

    Merry Christmas!