Friday, 17 December 2010

Belated Birthday and Early Christmas

Today has been a day for gifts.   First up the postman brought me a surprise package from my friend Sonoko -  an assortment of things Japanese as a belated birthday gift.   Included in the package and not shown in the photo was a wonderful letter from her too which "re-formed neural paths" in my brain which I feel is not retaining the language I struggled so hard to learn.   Now that I do not work for a Japanese corporate there are less opportunities to read and write in that language so I am very thankful to my friends who continue to believe that I can read and write as well as them!
Chocolates, caramels, Japanese toys and most welcome pen

Then, at work, this beautiful casket arrived -  filled with Christmas chocolates and accompanied by cognac.   Who needs chocolates when there is a box for grabs?   My boss was delighted to keep his alcohol and chocolates and I am delighted with the casket which I can already visualize lined and filled with needlework tools and embroidered accessories.   Wasn't this a wonderful start to Christmas presents!!
View from the top

And a view from the front

On the stitching front I have completed the Bargello Sewing Case and tonight will tack out the construction lines.   This item needs a classy lining so tomorrow I will go out shopping and with 14 days left in this month I may yet be able to complete everything within the year.  

Have a happy evening everybody

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  1. What great goodies from Sonoko!

    Love the casket - you scored on that one! Can't wait to see what you do with it.