Sunday, 12 December 2010

Strawberries - and summer temperatures

It's strawberry time in NZ.   Hot summer days and delicious strawberries.   Both in my dinner and in my needlework!   And just for the record I prefer the edible variety.   The sheer quantity of Queen Stitches in the stitching strawberries is a major test of patience.  Today has actually been rather too hot and humid and to cap it all we are promised a "tropical night"!!

Here is a more complete snapshot - in faith I have already stitched the date and I am on track to make this true.

Have a good night everyone.


  1. Mmmm, your strawberries look delicious!

  2. Would give anything right now for some fresh strawberries and warm sunshine.

    Your stitching is beautiful!

  3. Your strawberries, both the edible one and the stitched ones, look delicious.

    Wanna swap some snow for your sunshine?

  4. Margaret! Exquisite embroidery! Strawberries are delicious! As we stand cold weather and lots of snow!
    Expensive! I got your postcard! Thank you, I am very pleased!

  5. Margaret, it's looking gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished piece..those strawberries look sooo good! I adore the stitched ones too!