Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Anne Book is Complete!!

Did you hear the happy dance?   My Anne book is complete.   This has been a real saga; a veritable marathon; almost but not quite, a never ending story.   In 2008 my best friend Kazumi, who knows I love Anne of Green Gables, sent me a whole series of stamps celebrating the 100th anniversary of the cute red-head from Prince Edward Island.  Inspired, I decided to embroider my own celebration of Anne (with an E) and on investigation found a sampler from Charland Designs.   But it was the book that had enthralled me so a book it must be and the sampler was split into pages and off I started -  with little idea of the creativity or expertise necessary to design my own piece.   At times this project was sheer enjoyment and at others only dogged determination but today I have finished!   This is never going to become an exhibition piece and to my eye only the faults are visible but at present nothing can dim the satisfaction.  
Here's some of my lousy photography to show off.

The cover  -  my idea of rustic
An embroidered record of the reason for the book
A is for Anne with an E of course
Ah, but she did forgive Gilbert Blythe and countless girls over the century later have loved the romance of it all
And the stamps from Kazumi that inspired this whole saga.

And now my UFO's are all completed I am off to my stash cupboard to decide what to do next.  Have a  good evening everyone.


  1. What a fantastic book! My daughter and I are both fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery and her "Anne." I'm actually reading her biography now. Congratulations on your finish. Your book turned out beautiful.

  2. Your finished book is amazing. What an accomplishment!

  3. The book is wonderful! I know that you feel a great accomplishment. Congratulations!

  4. It's such a cute, fantastic, interesting book! Great work!

    Best wishes,

  5. Lovely book Margaret and the Christmas pendibules on your last post are very pretty! What did you decide to stitch on next?