Monday 4 October 2010

Ukranian Mat Finished!

Hello all.   Before this mat begins it's journey over the seas here's a couple of photos to show off.   I am rather pleased with this one - again from Gay Eaton's book.   In this book each stitch combination is named and this was Andrij -  the instructions for this stitch combination were again very easy to follow.   While I loved the colour of this piece the linen wasn't easy to work with being too soft but the finished product doesn't look too bad.   These photos were taken after work in what was left of the natural light and then indoors under the Ott light and neither give the true colour -but they do show the stitching

Ukranian Whitework Mat
Fabric :   Weeks Dye Works Handdyed Linen 32 Count
Threads :  DMC Perle  #3813

It's only October and already I have made a resolution for next year -  to do a photography course and learn how to take better photographs.    So with apologies for the quality of the photography, I bid you all good night.


ksana123 said...

so beautiful!

Tatkis said...

Wow, you are so quick! Beautiful mat!

Best wishes,

valerie said...

Beautiful work Margaret! It looks lovely modeling your vase!

hohla said...

Beauty! Bravo! I really like it!

Edgar said...

What a lovely finish and a super photo!!!