Wednesday, 11 March 2009

An update on the Little Quakers

Hello there. My computer has been ill and had to visit the computer hospital! But I am back on line again now. I finally have a photo to show you of the Milady's Little Quakers Ruler Pocket. It is coming along well. Only half of the last section to do and then the construction. I already have the navy fabric needed to line it so once the final stitching is done we are away!!! The colours on this are lovely and it is only the long rows of navy crosses that test my patience - and the effectiveness of the painkillers.

My shoulder is getting more and more movement but the pain is still a good brake! I find that I can only do 15 minutes at a time and need a break before going back to the needle. Such a difference from the marathon sessions I used to have:-)

Have also completed the stitched panels for the biscobourse. During the weekend I went to a quilting shop and got a lovely piece of cotton fabric for the lining and the ribbon for the ties so once I get a free evening "the finishing" will begin. I love the colours for this but confess to some nervousness with the construction. The original was in a french blog and I can only read the pictures, so plan on lining each piece and then constructing by whipping the back stitch together. Wish me luck!
Friday is my last day at work but thankfully I have found another job and start there on Monday so currently I am both happy and nervous! Wish me luck for that too!


  1. Oh, how great that you found another job without there being a long period of unemployment in between. So lucky!

    I am loving your progress on Quaker Ruler. That and the bourse are coming along great!

  2. Love your Quaker Ruler pocket. Can't wait to see your biscourse.

    Congrats on the new job. Good luck and wishes to you.


  3. The colours on the stitching is wonderful, Margaret. Congratulations on finding a new job so quickly!

  4. Lovely stitching as always Margaret :) And congrats on finding another job!!!

  5. The Quaker piece is stunning!! I just love the colors. I'm with you - it's tedious doing one color for a long row. I hate borders like that sometimes.

    Isn't pain a wonderful reminder that we need to take care of ourselves? But who can just limit cross stitching without a nudge?? Keep up the good work pacing yourself and get better fast!

    I have added you to my blog list and google reader so I can keep up with your lovely work!!

    Just a little laugh here - the word verification today is berest!! Hmm.....

  6. The Quaker ruler pocket is beautiful. I really love the colours. I am really curious to see what your biscobourse looks like.

  7. Your stitching is lovely!

    And congratulations on finding a new job so quickly - I hope it goes well for you.

  8. Great stitching on both your Quaker Rule and Biscobourse.

    Glad to hear your shoulder is doing well.I only hope my hand recovers as quickly!

    Good luck in your new job Margaret

  9. As it is good that the computer have repaired. What you beautiful embroideries have made!!! I hope, your hand soon will absolutely healthy!

  10. That is super about the new job!!! CONGRATS!!!! Your stitching is just beautiful as always!!!!!

  11. Good luck with the new job!
    And i just love your stitching, everything is wonderful :-)

  12. Love the colors of the Quaker ruler pocket. I am also curious to know what is a biscobourse :)
    Congratulations on finding a new job so quickly !

  13. The ruler pocket already looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.