Thursday, 19 March 2009

Look what the mail man brought!

I told you yesterday that the mail man had brought a card for me to collect a parcel at the Post Office. Well today my Mother (isn't she too kind!) went and collected it for me. No it was not the Winter Quaker I had expected but a wonderful book on Japanese Kogin Embroidery that my friend had mailed to me. For those of you who haven't heard of this type of embroidery there's a great explanatory web site here. Do go have a look.
The book has lots of different projects from bags to bookcovers, mats and even covered buttons - and there are charts as well as the written instructions. I am looking forward to trying many if not all of these.
But naturally I am not succumbing to temptation tonight! I have almost completed the Little Quakers Ruler Pocket and have the Weihenberg Quaker Christmas Sampler underway too so won't start anything new until I've finshed one. Somehow when the WIPs start growing in number I lose control so am trying to be self disciplined!


  1. Hei! Please visit in my blog... there is something for you!

  2. That books looks very interesting. Like you link you mention.

  3. Thank you so much for that link. Aw, what a wonderful friend to send you that book! My sisters and I went to Powell's last weekend and I actually found that book and flipped through the pages. Sadly, I didn't buy it, but I truly cannot wait to see your first Kogin embroidery project! :)