Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Little Quakers Ruler Pocket and an award

Well, the stitching is now finished on this and I am really pleased with it. At the same time I am nervous about the finishing although the instructions are well written. I plan on lining it in navy blue as the ruler is brass and that should look good.
My new job is proving to be really busy. It has been a real shock to the system to change jobs after nearly 21 years and to go from knowing everything about the office systems to knowing virtually nothing. The other staff are very kind and although I was so busy I forgot about morning tea and lunch until 2:30pm today (!) I am enjoying the challenge. A large part of the job is Accounts Receivable and you can imagine what it is like extracting money from some people in this day and age. We have a four day break for Easter Holidays next month and I am looking forward to the time off - although I have a busy schedule planned of sewing ( a couple of new skirts?) and stitching, walking, baking and all the lovely jobs I don't have time for now. Do you notice the lack of mention of chocolate Easter Eggs! I don't intend to put on the 5kg lost through this redundancy if I can help it :-)

My friend Taija gave me an award - thank you Taija. Ilove your blog and your friendship. I hope you and your family are well. I'm supposed to nominate 8 others. Well - what a hard job. All of you deserve awards. So I will name just two.One is The Peacock's Feather as it was through this that I got introduced to this wonderful world of blogging. The other is Spinster Stitcher as her blog always gives me a real laugh and a lift to my spirits. Thank you very much Taija - I hope you are well and welcoming Spring. I love your blog and your friendship.


  1. The ruler pocket looks beautiful, I look forward to seeing it all finished.

  2. The ruler pocket is gorgeous. I love Quaker designs. It's great that you are enjoying the challenge of your new job.


  3. Glad that all is going well in your new job.
    The ruler pocket is fabulous... look forward to seeing it made up :)

  4. The ruler pocket is so beautifully stitched and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.
    I also changed jobs last September and I know what you are talking about. It's kind of overwhelming for the first couple of weeks but keep getting better after a while. When you know how to use the complicated coffee machine you are in and settled, lol.

  5. The stitching is gorgeous, Margaret. I'm sure you'll do great with finishing it up.

    That's nice to know you are enjoying your new job. New challenges wake us up. But I can understand looking forward to the Easter break. Me too!

  6. Gorgeous stitching! I cannot wait to see it all finished...I'm sure it'll be stunning!!!