Saturday 20 April 2024

Buts and Bonuses

I heard back from a lovely Welsh Choir in Conwy.   While unable to attend their rehearsal we will be able to listen to them perform at the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza.   Fancy that!  A bonus concert!  And a Victorian Fair on the pier and promenade!   Maybe I can also cross Punch and Judy off my list too.   Such a lovely email from the choir’s “secretary gentleman” who asks that we make ourselves known so they can “Croeso i Gymru”    I had to check with Google what that meant but I fully intend to say thanks for my “bonus” (and see if he looks like I imagine him - a handsome silver headed well spoken gentleman).   

But, the temperatures look a little cooler than I had expected so Little Sister and I will be packing puffer jackets and merinos and hoping that the weather warms up as we move around.  I am carefully weighing each item that will go in my suitcase to ensure I’m not over the limit.   We travel Easyjet from UK to Holland with a strict 23kg limit on that leg so the generosity of Emirates on the long haul becomes rather irrelevant.

Excitement is ratcheting up and I’m having sleepless nights filled with dreams of adventures to come.   Only a few more sleeps until departure and hopefully Dubai will have dried out by then!


Frugally challenged said...

You will be one up on me as I have never seen a Punch and Judy at the seaside!

diamondc said...

Margaret: Have an amazing time, you sound so excited and rightfully so.


Heritage Hall said...

Praying you through for safe travel and a wondrous experience, Margaret dear.

Chris said...

Have a lovely time, we're having really hot weather at the moment, hope it lasts for your visit, in Wales you could say Shwmae.. it means hello.. pronounced shoom my

Merilde said...

I am so excited for your trip!! So wonderful that you are finally going. Wishing you safe travels.

Maggie said...

I think it would be very wise to bring an assortment of clothes, layers are best as the weather can be very changeable from day to day and also area to area. In the Midlands we have had a glorious few days when it reached almost 20°c and today it is rainy and cold and only 6°c so the temps do vary wildly.
I had a holiday in Llandudno last April and the weather was really kind, I came home the day of the Victorian Fair so missed it. I will say that it does get very busy and one street in particular is just full of fairground rides so can be very noisy, and not very Victorian. They may have more traditional things going on at the pier. If it all gets too noisy that end you can always go to the West shore beach which is quieter. Have a look out for the Alice in Wonderland trail and a trip up the Great Orme is a must, either on the funicular tram or walking. I think you can take an old fashioned bus on a trip around it too. I walked it last year and it was a lovely day.
Conwy has the lovely castle, with great views from the top and you can walk the town walls which has some good views too. The harbour there is very pretty with the smallest house, which you can go in, the town doesn't have too many shops though.
I'm going to Llandudno for a week on May 10th, really looking forward to it again, shame I won't be there the same dates as you and your sister, we could have met up for coffee.

If you are in the market for some yarn there are a couple of decent shops,
Ewe Felty Thing sells hand dyed yarn and sock yarn.
Craft-Tŷ Wools Craig Y Don is a short walk out of the main town, sells commercial yarn but is a lovely shop, check the opening times, (I got caught out last year).
The Wool Shop Llandudno is in the town and has all sorts of craft supplies.
There is also a quilt shop but I haven't been in there.

I hope you have a fantastic time and fingers crossed the weather picks up for both of us :-)

Terri said...

Have a great trip!!

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh, you're going to have so much fun! Hope the weather will be okay, it's been dreadfully cold for April in most of Europe.