Sunday 24 March 2024

This was Not The Plan.

 I’ve been knitting socks.   I needed a replacement for one pair knitted years ago by the DBEM so off I go. But disappointment.   They didn’t come out identical despite my care. 

So away to the store, another ball of yarn and another start.   And again, these are not quite identical.

After yet another trip to the store and a different brand of sock yarn, these look to be satisfying.  Not identical but almost.  

And any way I’ve decided I don’t need any more woollen socks.  After all it is supposed to be Global Warming!!

So now it is back to embroidery and a determined effort to finish my current projects.


Chris said...

They look very nice socks, I love knitting socks and do try to get them to match, I take the wool from the middle of the ball and waste a length for the second one, but still have a slightly different sock. I don't think it matters.

diamondc said...

Margaret: Your socks are lovely, I wish I knew how to knit.
They look good to me, I think it would be hard to get them to match perfectly.


mylene said...

They all look lovely to me.

Leonore Winterer said...

When it comes to sock knitting, my motto is 'sisters, bit twins' - I think I'd go mad trying to make them completely identical! But at least ou got three beautiful pairs of socks out of the experience :)

I don't know of you can get 'Regi Pairfect' where you are, but if I ever were to try for identical socks, I'd go with that.