Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Farewell to the past year

And so on the last night of 2019 I have been reflecting on the past year.   It has been one of change for me and (for my records) I have made a list ...

  • Reached Gold Card status
  • Retired from paid work
  • Sold one house and bought another
  • Moved to a new city to commence a new life
  • Without being convinced of the accuracy of my count it looks like I have stitched 26 individual items and only two still need construction and final finishing.  
  • Kept my weekly food bill under $100 - this year I managed an average of $95.65 per week

Tonight I completed the last stitch in the fascinating Temperature Chart.  Somehow in the house shift I have mislaid my graph paper so the centering of the letters on each side is not totally mathematically pleasing.   However, I intend to make this into a cushion to sit on my sofa -  once I find a suitable coordinating fabric.   In 2020 I will stitch the same for my new city and have a matching pair of cushions.
And I lined and constructed the Maria Katarin's Reticule (Betsy Morgan) for which I attempted a DMC subsitute for the Gloriana Silks.   All in all not a bad effort I say.
I lined the piece with a scrap of ivory silk which gave a pleasing neutral finish and a good shake of the button box revealed two small buttons for the fastening,
While I won't be sorry to say goodbye to this old year it has not been entirely unprofitable and I can only hope for better in the year to come. 


  1. Happy New Year Margaret! I too reached Gold Card status this year so we must be of similar age :)
    I think you did well keeping your food bill under the $100 mark, especially for two of you.
    Hope you are enjoying your new home. Mxx

  2. I love the reticule! So lovely. Your finishes always look so professional. Can't say that about mine. Also, I am very impressed with your $95.65 grocery bill average. Happy 2020!
    weekly grocery bill. Happy 2020

  3. You’ve achieved a lot in 2019. Lots of life changes too. All the best for 2020.

  4. Happy 2020! Those cushions will certainly be a wonderful conversation piece!

  5. 2019 was an interesting year of many changes! Hopefully 2020 will be more stable and a more gentle pace.
    Love the Temperature SAL and the Reticule.

  6. Happy New Year! I hope it will be peaceful and quiet for you and DBEM to enjoy.
    Your stitching and finish looks great :) Awesome idea to make a twin for the temperature SAL.