Wednesday, 15 November 2017


The 2017 Christmas ornaments are done!   I was in such a hurry that one is already wrapped and ready for the post.   But here are the others.
And now I have started another.   My good friend Kazumi fell in love with this snowman kit which had Aida fabric and thread of unknown provenance.   I swapped out the fabric for a 36 count linen even weave and am now stitching.  Believe me each cross is a labour of love!
It has been a really busy two weeks back at work and I am once again in sleep deprivation mode.   However tomorrow I have the afternoon off for an appointment which should also be a good opportunity to sew the cover for my piano.   Recently we moved furniture around so that the DBEM doesn't face into direct sunlight which makes her vision even worse.  And the piano is therefore living against a different wall.   To keep the dark wood from changing colour in the bright sunlight I will be like my late Grandmother, suitably Victorian, and cover even the legs on my piano;-)


  1. Oh my, Margaret, these ornaments are so beautifully finished. Great job.

  2. Your finishes are all lovely Margaret and the choice of fabric for the snowman looks ideal - if not for working on!!
    Do you actively play the piano?

  3. Well done! Beautiful ornaments.

  4. Great job with the ornaments, and such a cute snowman start :)

  5. Gorgeous ornaments. I am sure the recipients will love them.