Thursday, 23 November 2017

An unwelcome visitor

This evening I noticed a mark on one of the vertical blinds in my sun porch and went out to investigate.   It didn't look like dirt .
When I moved the panel of the blind - here was the culprit.
At least he was on the outside of the glass - obviously enjoying the warm sun and spinning an ever growing web.   My first job for Saturday morning will be to get out the ladder and re-home this fella.
But for tonight I am back on my hardanger angel.

PS   The book about the tsunami victims didn't haunt my dreams last night.  But I did have an appointment on the 29th floor of a waterfront building in the city today and admit to a feeling of unease.   To think, they probably pay premium rent for their location and views but haven't given a though to earthquake or tsunami risk.   Well inland and single story for me from now on :-)