Saturday, 11 November 2017

After an absence

No blogging for a week!  I've been helping the DBEM with her knitted sweaters.   She knits, I sew.  Believe me, stitching up knitted garments is not my favourite occupation but it is a job that needs to be done and currently I have no stitching project gripping my attention.  So voila!  All sixteen of them.

And with only 44 sleeps until Christmas I need to make a start on finishing this year's batch of stitched ornaments.   The current state is this...
So tonight is to be spent lacing ornaments to card and tomorrow will be cord, ribbon and titivating.  Two are complete, which leaves five to finish.   


  1. I think you are a hero! I HATE sewing up knitted garments and am currently researching knitting a sweater on circular needles just to avoid it. If someone set up a business making up knitted garments I'd be there!

  2. Your mom is amazing! Great that you can finish the sweaters up for her. I like all of your ornaments. I look forward to the post showing them all finished up.

  3. Oh Margaret, so much industry:-) Your mum never ceases to amaze me with the lovely knitting she produces, well done to you both.

  4. Your ornament stitching and finishing is going quite well. That pile of finished sweaters should make both you and your mom quite proud!

    (only 44 sleeps... eep!)

  5. Great work! Are the jumpers all donations or will she keep some of them?
    You will have some lovely ornies this year.

  6. Please explain about 'lacing to cord' for
    your ornaments. I would love to see the
    You have a wonderful selection!

  7. I see I made a typo -- meant to say
    'lacing to card'...sorry!

  8. Wow, your mother sure has been busy! Great work, both of you.

  9. These sweaters look gorgeous, wonderful knitting - and sewing together to finish them. Great team work.
    These ornaments will be so lovely.