Monday, 17 July 2017

Warm feet

A slight detour from the planned path of the Quaker Christmas Sampler.   The DBEM needed new bed socks to keep her chronically icy feet warm in bed, but she can't wear ordinary socks as they are too tight around her lower leg.   Last winter I tried altering a baby bootee style shape, with limited success.   So this year opted for these TV slippers.   Success :-)
And the Quaker Sampler is about to turn the lower left hand corner.  
Now off to another date with my needle.


  1. Those sock/slippers look great Margaret, what a neat idea.

  2. Those bed socks look awesome, and keeping your mum's feet warm is a very good reason to take a light detour!

  3. I love those boogie/slippers and could actually use a pair myself! Aren't Quakers fun to stitch.

  4. The slipper socks are a great idea. Cold feet at night are terrible!
    The sampler is looking lovely.