Saturday, 15 July 2017

Hard to find...

Today the DBEM is still unwell but as this is the first day to see the sun after a bad storm and a "polar blast" we decided to wrap up warm and take the newly washed car for a drive.   A local park has a pond and is a "dog friendly" zone so we sat and watched the dogs chase balls, each other and the ever patient sea birds.  
On the way I stopped at the "Hard To Find Bookshop" - not that the shop is hard to find you understand.   It is named that, as they stock otherwise hard to find books.   Little Brother had asked his library for a book I recommended but they couldn't oblige. I thought I still had my copy but a lengthy search proved memory false, so today at this bookshop, the obliging assistant directed me up the stairs, around the corners and I found exactly what I wanted.
The knitting is at another "have a rest" place with the back and two sleeves completed.   I am well on track to have this finished by the desired due date so it is back to the projects.
A toss up between the Hardanger Angel and the Quaker Christmas Sampler.   I really need to get half way on this project and only three and a half chart pages to go to that mark.
Why the sampler not the angel?   I am still debating what to use for the "body" of this angel as she is taller than number one.   That puzzle is paralysing my ability to do the necessary lacework to complete her.
Meanwhile I need to get dinner ready.


  1. Quaker Christmas is a beautiful piece and big!

  2. I hope your mum is doing a bit better, it's good that she felt able to go out with you. It's funny how we get stuck on a project and then suddenly we are able to move forward again. Enjoy your weekend Margaret.

  3. I love the sound of the bookshop. Today was a day of "Hunt the Mystery Book" with customers only having a vague idea of the title or author of the book they wanted. Thank heavens for Google!
    Love the Christmas sampler.

  4. Love your embellished K! And of course I am partial to the Quakers as I work on my Half Quakers today myself.

  5. That bookshop sounds amazing. Must be fun to look through all those hard to find books!