Saturday, 22 July 2017


This week I have made real progress on the Quaker Christmas Sampler and am almost at the half way point.  
When I get there this project will get a rest and I will need to return to the knitting - I need my cardigan by the end of September!

This evening I managed to attach the floral K to the book cover and am pleased with the results.   It sure does brighten up the black watch tartan fabric from which the cover is made.
The DBEM is unwell and today has been a dressing gown and pajamas day.   She has had a couple of these this winter.   This too is a sign of progress - of sorts.
Jo of Serendipitous Stitching aka Blogger Extraordinaire, hosts a Blogger of the Week.   Do pop over and check it out;-)   Thank you Jo and 'kia ora from Down Under'


  1. Love the monogram of flowers! Do think you should make one for yourself too. Best wishes to the DBEM, hope she feels better soon.

  2. Hello Margaret, I saw your Blogger of the Week post and found your blog through that. Your Quaker Sampler is beautiful.

  3. Quaker Christmas looks wonderful and the colours of the K make a nice contrast on the dark book cover.
    Hope the DBEM is feeling better soon. A PJ day is always a good idea, lots of Heinz tomato soup too!
    Thanks for the shoutout for the Blogger of the Week, I wonder who we have this weeK?

  4. Looks like you've made serious progress on the Quaker Christmas piece - it gets prettier every time you show it.

    Sorry to hear your mom's feeling poorly.

  5. Lovely progress on the quaker, and I still adore that floral K :)

  6. Beautiful Quaker sampler and I love the pretty monogram - perfect.

  7. Those bed socks look awesome, and keeping your mum's feet warm is a very good reason to take a light detour!