Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Bluebird of Unhappiness

Today was information overload at work.  I drove home looking forward to relaxation with my needle and thread.   Not to be!   This darned bluebird is not correct.   I have already reverse stitched the wings  - only to find that what I thought was an error was not :-(  Now, seemingly complete, the darn bluebird is all wrong.   Ah woe is me.
So I started another piece and this seems to be progressing well.   At least so far everything adds up.
There are 10 pockets in the Quaker Friendship Book so I am well on the way to completion.   Certainly by the end of the year.....I hope.  
But the good news was a lovely surprise package from Pamela.   Look at these cute mug coasters.   Such even blanket stitching.   I am very impressed.   And I am looking forward to a nostalgic cup of green tea too.   Thank you very much Pamela.
I plan on doing some sewing on Saturday - a T shirt and a dress are both cut out ready to go.   And tonight I washed up a piece of fabric for a skirt.   Can you tell I am wanting some new summer clothes?   The DBEM and I are going away for a few days at Christmas and I thought it would be nice for us to have something new.   The DBEM's new top is already complete (and she has already worn it twice !!) but mine have yet to be started.   I wonder how much i will get done this weekend?


  1. I'm glad they arrived and hope you enjoy the tea and the place to put it!

  2. How frustrating when your stitching doesn't go as planned. Your mug coasters are pretty.

  3. So the bird looked wrong when he was right, and now he (maybe) looks right but he's wrong? Argh! Did the same thing last time I picked up my needle, but 'twas fewer stitches overall. I empathize. Great progress otherwise!

  4. Why do the smallest pieces give us the most trouble sometimes?
    Have you finished sewing all the knitting together if you're starting on the dress making?