Sunday, 11 December 2016

Mr Postman loves me

Mr Postman kindly brought me two gifts this past week.   Neither of them were wrapped in Christmas paper and marked "do not open"

Little Sister sent me a package with some material to make a skirt and this fancy Christmas Tree she had made at her quilting class.
At the top are two glittery angels.   Little Sister has only angels on her "real Christmas Tree" so of course she had to make this a replica :-)   Thank you very much Little Sister.   I hope to get the skirt made in time for my Christmas Holiday.
And from Japan, Yuko sent me a parcel of mixed ingredients.   Ah...a real nostalgic wander down memory lane.
Two types of Japanese green tea, fancy correction tapes, two reels of novelty Japanese washi tape, note paper(in the front), yellow 'secret post-it' papers and buttons.   Guess what?   The DBEM immediately said she could find a use for the buttons!!   Thank you so much for such a pleasure-giving-gift Yuko.   I'm going to share the secret post-its with my boss.   Currently she tucks messages under my computer key board so this could be a great alternative:-)
I have only two squares left to stitch on the Quaker Friendship book so have already decided on my next project.   Of course!   I'm going away for four days at Christmas and I need a project to take so what better than a Quaker Christmas Sampler.   Watch this space.   I may be able to show progress pictures soon.


  1. I love the Quaker Christmas Sampler so look forward to seeing it in progress. Your Friendship book is nearing the end and will be such a wonderful piece. Lovely mail and very cute gingerbread men. You are really on the ball!

  2. I love the tree with the little angels and the sweet bells too.
    Nice gifts from Japan.