Thursday, 22 December 2016

All the better to see you with

Several weeks ago I went to the optometrist and received good news and bad news.

Good news was that my distance vision had not changed but bad news,  a tweak was necessary on the close vision.   Result = new spectacles.   Ostensibly French, I suspect these might be the "designed in Paris made in China"  type but they are light weight metal frames and will hopefully last me well into my retirement.   The lovely Grant told me that at my age I could expect to see little change to my vision.   I'm not convinced but it was lovely of him to say so.
Good news is that my cornea are slightly thicker than normal and will be a protective factor, which is helpful given the bad news that I have optical hypertension.   Result = annual checks for glaucoma.
Strange how the pressure in my eyes can be high when my blood pressure is low??

And tonight I am putting the new specs to good use as I stitch more on the Quaker Sampler while watching Masterchef.


  1. Are your glasses bifocals or variofocals Margaret? I have to wear bifocals these days to cover all deficits:-)

  2. New glasses always makes the stitching easier, I find. Good luck with them.