Saturday, 29 October 2016

Belated celebrations

Today the DBEM took me out for a sushi lunch.   Well to be honest, I took her in the car.   But she paid !!
We had a great time at our favourite Sushi Go Round.

The DBEM is right in to nigiri sushi and was a little perturbed when there was no tuna sushi available.  A wink at the waitress and a brief conversation in Japanese and instant service from the kitchen.   This was a real happy meal!
My boss surprised me with this flowering plant for my desk.   She obviously doesn't know that I'm no fan of house plants but as I sit right outside her office door I will have to try and keep this one alive!

I know Little Sister reads this blog as she has been asking why I was off air.  This next photo is a teaser for her.   Little Sister you may find a gift in the mail sometime soon!

And another spurt on the sewing machine and the odd notebooks cowering in the corner of my desk received fabric covers.  And in so doing I found a use for the piece of hardanger that was too long for a bookmark and too short for its original purpose.   Well done me!

Tonight I have a new start and another episode of New Tricks on the TV.  Off to get a light meal now -  we ate a little too much sushi earlier on.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday. I am no fan of house plants either as I am useless at keeping them alive.

  2. Love your book covers -- what a good idea!

  3. What a sweet waitress to look after the DBEM like that.
    I'm not so good with houseplants usually but my amaryllis from last Christmas has recently sprung back into life which quite surprised me!

  4. Glad you and your mum had a lovely meal out to celebrate.