Sunday, 30 October 2016

A weekend of repeats

Yesterday I washed my car, thoroughly and felt pleased with the shiny result.
Today I took the DBEM to see the Embroidery Exhibition and we parked the car in the middle of the car park.  Not under a tree, not near a fence and not on the side of the road.  An hour later we returned and the shiny car was now spotted with excrement from what I take to be a swarm of bees.  Little yellow orange spots dotted the shiny cobalt blue of my Mazda.   So this afternoon I washed my car thoroughly -  AGAIN

Today I measured the floss needed to make a twisted cord for my newly completed box top.   I twisted the floss, knotted it carefully and measured the box.   Oh dear not long enough.   So I consulted my book, measured carefully, twisted the floss, knotted the ends AGAIN!   Success.   Here is the box top.   I love it and am so pleased to have finally completed a stitched top for this box which I bought twenty years ago while on holiday in the South Island.
The perspective of this photo is skew-whiff - the stitching is actually centred.   Now to find a use for the box.


  1. Lovely to read your blog again Margaret, beautiful top on your box and I looked back, some beautiful stitching.. sorry about your car, but well done you cleaning it again, we take ours to a hand wash, but not that often.

  2. I love shaker style boxes, they're so good to look at and useful too. Nice finish Margaret.

  3. Lovely Margaret! I am sure you will find a great use for it.

  4. Beautiful little design and box. Your twisted cord finishes it perfectly.

  5. Of course you can store things in the box, but it should be placed so you can see the outside. It is a very beautiful box.
    Is the box itself bentwood? It resembles a traditional Japanese bento box.

  6. How was the exhibition?
    Love the box finish, very decorative and hopefully you'll find a use for it too.