Saturday, 14 February 2015

City Tour, Casket Progress, Hardanger etc

Today, the HD3QBEM and I went on a bus trip.   The red CityLink bus is actually designed for shoppers and commuters but for us it was a City Tour.   We enjoyed ourselves on this outing - beautiful weather and  a chance to see places we don't normally have reason to visit.   We have now ridden the orange OuterCircle line, the red CityLink line, our normal blue Metro line and there is only the lime green InnerLink left to conquer.
I planted some Verbena for a touch of instant colour but as we are still having very dry weather I use the watering can every day to ensure their survival.   My next lot of runner beans are starting to climb and the eggplants are starting to flower.  Summer has been so dry this year that my garden hasn't been as fruitful as usual.
This week I finally completed the hand sewn hem on my dress.  Now there are only three pieces of fabric left in my stash box for a skirt, a jacket and trousers.   Skirt first I think but not for a week or two yet as there are too many other things-to-do!
The front panel of the casket is now complete.  I made a trip to my LNS for the requisite #5 Japan metallic gold and obediently stitched the gate, hated it, unpicked it, stitched it in DMC 3820, hated it, unpicked it and finally settled on one strand of DMC 413 which now looks like a wrought iron gate.
So the back and front panels are now complete and it feels like progress.   Note, the shadows behind are the hardanger mat on which the finished piece is sitting.
But I am taking a break for a piece of hardanger.   Yes! That itch has not yet gone away and this Cross N Patch Christmas Tree is calling to me.   I think the cream and rose garlands looks lovely and can probably survive cross stitch if mixed with hardanger like this.  I have the linen and threads in stash so away we go and while I stitch I will try and think of what I can use for the base/stand.
Have a good evening everyone.


  1. It is great fun to have a Bus Day, hop on and off the local bus,especially if there is a ticket that allows for changing buses for one day.
    The casket is looking good, and I am glad you now like the gate after all the trials.
    Christmas will be decorative with these Hardanger + cross stitch designs.

  2. You'll be trying to fit everything in before you start your new job. Lovely needlework, as always.

  3. Oh my goodness - what glorious stitching! I love the front panel of the casket!!

  4. Do the over 60s get a free bus pass? They do here after 9.30 am so we call them twirlies because they get on at 9.15 and say "am I twirly?" (Too early!)
    Love the hardanger trees and the wrought iron gate. I think you made a good choice there.

  5. Beautiful stitches! You've been very quick with the casket project.