Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Casket Progress

Two ladies on the front panel are now stitched and awaiting the gold thread for their embroidery hoops.   The trees still need their bullion stitch flowers but more importantly I need a rest from this piece.   Despite having had this chart on my To Do List for years and years, it is not obsessing me and will only be completed if I allocate breaks to work on other things.
So this past day or two, I have tacked out three pieces of linen for Mary Stewart hussifs and sorted out the Perle threads for each.   Now when the "I want to stitch something else" feeling grips me I have three different projects ready to start.   I plan one to be in hardanger, one in pulled thread work andthe last in Wessex Stitchery.   The HD3QBEM looked at me quizzically and said " stitchers make a lot of needle cases and hussifs don't they".  Sure they do but they are always useful for oneself and to give away.
The small Christmas stockings are sewn up and tonight's job will be complete the lacy cuffs that need to be stitched to the top,  I like these and filled with chocolates they make a super gift at the festive season.
And I have been angelic - well making angels anyway - copied from the green one I received as a gift eons ago.
These are done from wooden clothes pegs, a cinnamon quill, star anise and scraps of fabric and wool. The tops of my pegs are more cylindrical than round and the hair isn't quite fluffy.   My angels are perhaps a little more puritanical looking?   I have four more clothes pegs so once I get to the spice store I will try four more in a different colourway.   Do you think these will sell well at the Guild Exhibition?  I hope so.
Currently I am trying to avoid a trip to my LNS (so sorry Ribbon Rose!) and work solely from stash.   So far so good but I have no 28 count cashel linen in white, ivory or antique white.   Not good, as that is so often a staple for me for hardanger.   Perhaps I will treat myself to an LNS visit as a celebration when I finally get the job contract from the Department of Corrections.   They emailed me to say that an offer letter is on its way but whether the documents will come by post or by email I'm not sure.   Still it sounds favourable and I am excited and fearful in equal measure.   The HD3QBEM wants to go to Daruma Sushi as a celebration and rather than be selfish we will probably do both.   Sounds fair n'cest pas?


  1. Beautiful stitching and wonderful to hear that an offer letter is on its way!

  2. Absolutely fair! Well done, Margaret, hope you enjoy the job. Love your angels and I would definitely buy some!

  3. Neat angels and lovely needlework Margaret, I'm sure they will sell. I'm happy to hear that an offer is on it's way, it's been worth holding out for the right job to come along.

  4. Congratulations on the job! I knew you would get it.
    I would like to hear more about what you will actually be
    doing - must be very interesting.
    And, yes! The angels will sell, no doubt about it.
    Don't price them too low...!

  5. Your two ladies are lovely and the hardanger is beautiful as ever.
    I am sure the little angels will be very popular.
    Fingers crossed for the job too. XXX

  6. Definitely both celebrations. Your angels are so cute!